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Preservation and protection commission. However, the proposal was suspended because Mu Ko Surin were in the area of petroleum concession. they also used to be offered as the vietnamese refugees’ camp. Due to a rich abundance and beauty of both terrestrial and marine natural resources, the Royal Forest Department therefore rejected and later declared Mu Ko Surin to be a national park on 9 july 1981. They are ranked as the 29th national park of thailand. Geographically, Mu Ko Surin comprise numerous small and big beaches. The sea depth is more than 50 meters around the islands. The abundant jungles on the islands help prevent some soil erosion and sediments from flowing down to the sea. Hence, the sea surroundings are extremely transparent. The underwater sight may reach as far as 20 metres. The perfect season for travelling is December to May. The headquarters including lodges, shops, cafeteria, visitor centre, public restrooms, and even public phones, are available at Ko Surin Nuea. additionally, there are some Sea Turtle’s hatcheries here since the Sea Turtle conservation is in process. The Sea Turtle releasing contains 2 methods. The first method is to release within 5 day after they are hatched. Anyway, this method is not quite safe for small Sea Turtles because they are too young to thoroughly survive. The national park consequently applies the second method by feeding them for one year and then releases.