Why taking taxi to pattaya is the best option?

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Why taking taxi to pattaya is the best option?

If you would like to feel more relaxed with the sea, sand, sun and of course be away from busy Bangkok cit by Pattaya Taxi Service. Pattaya beach where the fun nightlife and natural beach is nice matched, would be the best attraction to try. On top of that, it is not far from central of Bangkok and the living cost is reasonable. Moreover, it is also well-known by many tourists around the world that Pattaya is popular place for both nightlife and hitting the beach for sure. So, if you have planned to spend some days in Pattaya, here is some guidelines for you to compare whether you should take bus or taxi to pattaya instead. Actually, it is somehow depended on where you stayed in Bangkok, we would list down some scenarios for you to check and pick which one might suite your plan the most?
  • How to take bus from Bangkok to Pattaya

  • For anyone of you who might want to take bus instead of taking taxi to Pattaya, it is probably said that bus’s fares is truly cheaper than taxi’s rate. By which buses would depart from Bangkok to Pattaya the whole day, so it is quite easy to book and buy bus’s ticket. Nevertheless, you should also bear in mind that the convenient by taking the buses is not door to door especially if you have large bags or more than one luggage to travel along. By the way, the travelling from Bangkok Bus Station to Pattaya is required approximately of 2 to 2.5 hours and the bus fare is around 100 to 120 Thai Baht. You can select to take bus with air-condition or without. Frankly speaking, buy the first class with air-condition is truly recommended as the non – air condition will stop over at every stop, then it would spend much time. Lastly, for those who might prefer to enjoy private seat, this bus option to Pattaya would not definitely matched to your style.
  • Taking Taxi to Pattaya

  • It is clearly proved that taxi services either to take from Suvarnabhumi airport, Don Muang airport or Centre of Bangkok to Pattaya is much more convenient than taking bus comparing with price and traveling time. By which the distance between Bangkok to Pattaya would be around 94 miles or 150 kilometres or 2 hours during off-peak period and it could be longer time in the rush hours or Friday night. By the way, taking taxi from Bangkok airport to Pattaya or from Suvarnabhumi is a short distance as this international airport is on side to Pattaya. Especially if taking the express way, the traveling time would need only 1 to 1.5 hours by which you need to pay the express way’s fees at 60 Thai Bath to the fare. Normally, the meter-taxi fees would be at 1,050 Thai Baht more or less but you can also ask some negotiation with driver before getting into the car.
  • Taxi from Central Bangkok to Pattaya

  • On the other hand, if you have stayed in Central of Bangkok and would like to enjoy your trip in Pattaya. You can call taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya easily by asking the hotel to book in advance. And if you stayed in the 3 to 5 stars hotels, the taxi services they booked, would be from the reliable with licensed. Then, you do not need to negotiate the taxi fare with the driver. Nevertheless, the taxi fare could be at the range of 1,500 Thai Baht or more per trip which is the basic official taxi-meter fare from the downtown city to Pattaya. Please also bear in mind to conclude before getting the car whether the rate is included the express way’s fees or not?
Last but not least, no matter where you would take taxi to Pattaya, please gentle check whether that particular taxi is the licensed one? Normally, those taxies that serving at the Suvarnabhumi airport are somehow met the requirement like, good air-condition, car is less than 5 years old and the driver himself would have an Airport of Thailand certificate. Or the alternative option is to reserve taxi via the reliable and reputation agent to ensure that you would have a safe trip, reasonable price and timely in your fantastic voyage.