Pattaya Nightlife

Find your style, Try Pattaya Nightlife in your next trip

What do you plan for your next vacation? If you would like to enjoy endless fun, heading to relax in Thailand and feel how Pattaya Nightlife is best to pick and stay, will surely make your vacation extremely incredible. Apart of Pattaya’s reputation in term of walking street, nice beach and good taste of local food, a naughty Pattaya Nightlife will easily make you falling in love with them. On top of that going around in Pattaya is much convenience by taking Taxi pattaya for all 24 hours as you need. Here are some famous places you can choose for your good time’s nightlife.  
  • Enjoy Pattaya Nightlife with Live Jazz Music and Thai Food: One of Thai restaurant in North Pattaya that have offered jazz’s style music is, The Jazz Pit Club located in Pattaya Soi 5 opening every day. the Jazz singer’s show time is always performed on Mondays together with Jam session on weekly basis. You can visit them from 8 pm to 12 am on Sunday – Thursday and from 8 pm to 1 am on Friday – Saturday.
  • Experienced an icy with free vodka shots: Another one best selection to feel how’s great of Pattaya Nightlife is, to join in -5° icebar that you can easily find at Amari Nova Suites, Soi 12 in Central Pattaya. Since the temperature in the bar is minus five, so both gloves and winter coat would be offered once you have entered together with free vodka shots. By the way, there would also be a normal temperature one to try and you can order non-alcohol drinks, cocktails or other alcohol menus if preferred. This awesome icy bar has opened every day from 6 pm onward.
  • Lay back at Bangsaen Beach and enjoy nice cocktail with Thai seafood: Anyway, if you are looking for a good place to hang out with friends all night long, sitting either outdoor or indoor in a charming white house like Bangsaen Bar is much interesting and best to pick as well. Bangsaen Bar is located on Khao Lam Road at Bangsaen Sai 2ndand it would recommend to be your next stop. At this amazed bar, you will enjoy live music but not too loud, taste Thai seafood and of course have much fun with pool table to try. You can go there every day from 5.30 pm till 1 am.
  • Try draft beers and watching the passer at the Cosy Bar: If a great beer is your favor, let take your move to this Cosy Bar where it is designed in a country style. You can order draft beers or bottle one together while playing at pool table. It locates in Jomtien beach where you can take taxi to go there easily.
  On the other hand, even Pattaya is considered as a sleepless city representing a nightlife with gogo bars, pool parties, live rock music and lady boy shows, travelling here you will definitely experience how friendly of Thai people is and this is another reason why Pattaya is always the best choice to spend vacation time by many tourists around the world.