3 Reasons Why Alcazar Show Pattaya is Best to Try

Alcazar Cabaret show Pattaya

3 Reasons Why Alcazar Show Pattaya is Best to Try

If you are looking for an interesting stage’s performance as the alternative choices for enjoying in nightlife, the Alcazar Show Pattaya is one best selection to try. During the show time, the guests would not only be satisfied with marvelous music and great dance but also be amazed with extravagant costume and beautiful ladyboys. The show has been guaranteed to be the greatest one in Asia. If you are still not sure whether the Alcazar Show Pattaya is worth to pay or not? Here below are listed for your consideration.  

High recognized as a World Class Transvestite Cabaret Show

It is probably said that the Alcazar Show Pattaya is one of highlight attraction in Pattaya due to its reputation worldwide. Back to 1981 when the Alcazar Cabaret was originally found. During that time, there are only 100 performers to show and it could serve only 350 guests. Therefore, it is not sufficient seats to take care both local and international guests at all. In 1990, the new modern theater of Alcazar Show Pattaya have been designed for 1,200 guests and surely to be equipped with the great sound system and art of light.  

Amazed with 17 Elegant Shows

In order to present the impressive stage’s performance for their guests, their production team has spent millions of Thai baht every year to create the fantastic shows. By which the cabaret show time will take around 70 minutes per round. They would be divided into 4 rounds per day and it will start at 5 pm, 6.30 pm, 8 pm and 9.30 pm. The guests would be enjoyed with the interesting shows which have covered for 14 shows, for instance, Dance with me, The Wondrous World, Le Jazz Hot, Hello Vietnam, Flower of China, Arirang Drums & Fans Dance, MelayuDance, Korean Pop Dance and One Man Woman. You will see how the great of stage design, elegant costume and art of acting is presented.  

Enjoyed through Studio Colors and DTS Sound System

Based on 30 years experiencing in arranging Alcazar show, the stage have been well designed with the state of art and combining the computerized system to improve the art of light. Moreover, the dance will not be amazed without the great sound. That is another reason why the Alcazar Show has been equipped with DTS sound system to entertain all the guests from any part of the world. On top of that all 400 performers and staffs are well trained and strongly practiced to provide the excellent shows.   If you are interested to spend your free time and enjoy the world class cabaret show, this Alcazar Show is recommended. You can drive to Pattaya 2nd Road at North Pattaya and it would be easily to find them. Or take it easy by call for Taxi Pattaya’s service right there and spend your nightlife with the elegant show performing by beautiful lady boys. After that, drink some local beer at open-air bar nearby or join in live music at pub would be so nice, right?