Floating Markets Bangkok

Bangkok Floating Markets

Turn back in time and visit authentic floating markets. As waterways play an important part of traditional Thai life. On this full day excursion, we bring you back in time to experience Samut Songkram, the last Venice of the East in Thailand. You will explore charming local communities, visit three traditional floating markets, have a wow moment at the unique train markets, and taste unique local delicacies made with freshest local ingredients. On this one day excursion, you will be soaked into the real tradition of Thai culinary culture and get the complete experience of floating markets like an insider. Just Book Now!


Immerse yourself in Thai way of life and culinary culture
Experience 3 unique floating markets, including the authentic Tha Kha Floating market, where local farmers meet to exchange their produces
Enjoy a ride on a row boat in a coconut farm and learn about the traditional technique of coconut sugar making
Taste farm-fresh local specialties such as roasted banana with sweet dip and local specialties such as mackerel fried rice
Explore Amphawa floating market, the best spot to sample Thai snacks and sweets
Stop by the amazing train markets, the only market in the world that is set up on the train track. *** Curently, the train stops running through the train market until late November due to train track replacement.***
Visit the marvelous “unseen in Thailand” Bangkung temple