3 Waterparks in Pattaya You Should Put on the List

Even if Pattaya City is much popular to welcome many tourists around the world
and be recognized as the city of nightlife with great food and fun-filled. However, Pattaya city is also matched to your family trip as well. Since there are not only surrounded with natural nice beaches like Jomtian beach, Pattaya beach and Bang Saray Beach but also a lot of adventure time to challenge for, including the Flight of Gibbon and the amazed waterpark to have a good family time. These all have been combined and ranked Pattaya as the attraction places for every family members. If you still do not have a plan in mind, so, let us introduce you three nice amazing waterparks that your family member will love to try on.

Ramayana Waterpark

  • Since May 2016 when this aquatic playground Ramayana Waterpark has been established in Pattaya. It located in south of Pattaya where you can book pattaya taxi service to enjoy there. The amazed Ramayana waterpark is surrounded by 50 slides in the land space of 184,000 square metres and could be claimed as the largest one kind of waterpark in Thailand.
  • Nevertheless, the charming of Ramayana Waterpark is the playground has been designed to fit for any ages of travelers starting from toddlers to adults. For instance, the small lagoon with spray toys are always admired by many youngsters. On top of that, the ladies and kids would be a peace of mind as the pool has been covered to prevent their soften skin from sunlight.
  • Moreover, the pool water is clean and fresh from on-site well or it could say that the water is actually drinkable by theory. That might be another reason why a group of friend and family have always picked this waterpark to have great fun time together.

Cartoon Network Waterpark for all Disneyworld Fanclub

  • One of the most attraction place for fun-filled to all kids around the world is, this Cartoon network waterpark where is just 20 minutes driving from Pattaya beach. Inside this fantastic cartoon network waterpark, the kids will be enjoyed with 10 entertainment zones that are comprised of Gumball, Ben 10, Darwin, The Powerpuff Girls and more from the various popular cartoon characters shows on Cartoon network channel.
  • Moreover, this Cartoon Network Waterpark is offered great fun with 30 state-of-the art-water rides and slides together with entertainment shows, many regional food styles and Disneyworld-style mascots. So, no matter how old are they, either smaller children or teens would have a wonderful family time together for sure.
  • During the whole day trip in Cartoon Network Waterpark your family member can get along with the Surfarena which is a flowrider with a nice breaking wave to surf and Mega Wave which is more gentle wave one and no more worried of jellyfish, the riptides or even the hidden rocks.

Splashdown Waterpark

  • No adventure activities would be no growth in life’s experiences and if you agree so, why don’t you set this Splashdown Waterpark in your next family trip in Pattaya.
  • Similarly to what the UK TV gameshow, “Total Wipeout” has been based on for the exciting playground where your family members and friends could be enjoyed with the various selections of rollercoaster and thrilling games together with slides – that has been designated for teenagers and adults to push and try on.
  • You can start imagination how fun to be, once you have been in a lifejacket, rubber safety shoes and helmet to the first challenge of the Super Slider which is 15 metres height. By the way, booking pattaya taxi service would be much convenience and in fair price.

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